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The following disciplinary actions will be implemented for students who violate the dress and conduct code set in place by CHFM.

First Offense
Student will be asked to correct his (her) attitude or actions by the instructor. No one else will be involved, and the correction will be delivered with grace and in private, if applicable. For children 5th grade and below, the incident will also be mentioned to the mother and her help will be enlisted to insure the child understands the rules. Middle and high school students will be expected to assimilate the correction and change their actions or attitudes.

Second Offense
Instructor will notify a Director of the continued violation. A Director will speak to the student and the parent(s) about the continued offense. Director will pray with the student.

Third Offense
Parent(s) will be notified to come get the student. Student will be unable to continue in the class for that day. Director will pray with the student.

Fourth Offense
Student will be permanently removed from all classes with CHFM. No refunds for registration fees or class fees will be given.

We ask that parents genuinely support our policies for dress and conduct codes before placing students in classes. Your attitudes will be reflected in your children. We realize that none of our children are perfect and we don’t expect them to be. We just ask for their willingness to follow the rules and have a cooperative attitude.

The Directors of CHFM reserve the right to refuse admittance to classes to students who do not exhibit attitudes and actions consistent with a walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.