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  • Dress should promote an attitude of work rather than play, and be distinguishable as masculine and feminine. If you wear a shirt with pictures or words they must be consistent with a Christian lifestyle.
  • No hats in the building.
  • No extreme hair styles or unusual / un-natural hair coloring.
  • No spaghetti strap shirts, crop tops (tops that rise higher above the waist) or low cut shirts. Straps on sleveless shirts should be 3 fingers wide.
  • No short shorts or skirts. (must be finger-tip length)
  • No body piercing. Please remove or cover up while at CHFM. Boys may not wear earrings while at CHFM.
  • No obvious tattoos. Please wear clothing that covers them up.


We are basically asking that the students be modest and conservative in their dress. We are having school and an atmosphere of work must be present.


  • Do not bring candy, gum, food or drink to class unless your Instructor allows. If an Instructor allows a water bottle, it must contain only water. Please make sure it has a lid or seals tightly.

  • No pocket knives or laser pens are to be brought into the building.

  • Do not use roller blades, skateboards, etc., on church property while school is in session.

  • Music of any kind is prohibited in the classroom unless directly related to class and directed by the instructor.

  • Cell phones may be in a student's possession in class, only in silent mode (either off or on vibrate). They are not to be USED in class either to call, answer, or text or they will be surrendered to the teacher during class time.

  • In the classroom students are expected to converse quietly when directed by the instructor to do so, keep their feet on the floor (not the tables), and all 4 legs of the chair on the floor. Be respectful when the instructor or other students are talking, and come prepared for the class session.
  • Students are expected to show utmost respect and deference for each other. Fighting and teasing are not permitted. Physical contact between male and female students is not permitted while at CHFM.

Please make sure your student is aware of these expectations before deciding to enroll in a class. These guidelines will be enforced.


  • Please remember that we are guests in this building and we need to honor others with quiet, considerate behavior.
  • Elementary students 5th grade and under must be accompanied by a parent or other designated adult at all times when not in class.
  • Name tags must be worn at all times while in the building.