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 Families desiring to go through the membership process can do so by completing a Prospective Member form and requesting a consultation with the Directors.

The Participating Member fee for involvement in CHFM is $80 per semester (we have a fall and spring semester) per family. This fee is due at the time of registration. This will be used to cover any building use fees, postage for mailings, cost of copying, and miscellaneous administrative fees. This will allow you to register for classes at the facility, receive weekly newsletters, and be involved with field trips and social activities organized by CHFM.

If you have been a current member before at CHFM and decide not to enroll in classes for a semester, but desire to remain an Inactive Member that still attends field trips, the membership fee is $30 per semester. This is not extended to any New Members, you MUST have been a member at CHFM for at least ONE year for this option. The Inactive Member status is only good for 1 year. If after that time, you still no longer wish to enroll in classes, you will be moved to Former Member status.

Late Registration: There is a limited time after registration closes where a current, new, or returning member can register for a $50 late fee.


On co-op days members are able to request copies for their school use at no additional charge.

There is a minimal charge, per use, payable to CHFM to use the laminator.