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CHFM Science Sequence

Middle school & High school  science at CHFM is an excellent opportunity to study God's creation together.  Students enjoy sharing the journey of science experiments and learning as they prepare for high school science and beyond.  CHFM offers 3 different tracks depending on the needs and interests of your student.

CHFM plans to offer General Science yearly, as a middle school science course.  This class is tailored to a 7th or 8th grade student.  General Science will pull in some additional topics to begin the prep for higher level sciences such as Introduction to Physics & Chemistry and Biology.  General Science is not a prerequisite for high school sciences, but it is a wonderful preparatory course. 

Physical Science is next in the Apologia middle sciences curriculum and is geared to the 8th and 9th grade student.  CHFM also plans to offer Physical Science yearly . It is recommended, but not required, that you have completed Apologia's General Science course before enrolling in Physical Science.  This class is not a prerequisite for high school science, but prepares a student conceptually for Intro to Physics & Chemistry and Biology. Math requirement is Pre-Algebra (concurrent or previously completed).

Note: Apologia middle school sciences are not prerequisites for any of the high school sciences.

Introduction to Chemistry and Physics is designed for 9th and 10th grade students and will prepare them conceptually and mathematically for success with high school sciences such as Chemistry and Physics. This class uses a Bob Jones textbook and fills a critical gap between middle school science and Apologia’s Chemistry & Physics courses, which are quite challenging. Additional science focused math skills will be taught such as conversions and story problems to ready a student for upper level science classes.  When students enter the fast paced Apologia Physics and Chemistry classes, they will be prepared for success!  They won't stumble over scientific math and word problems, which Apologia Chemistry and Apologia Physics assume you have down pat BEFORE entering these two courses. If a high school student does not plan to take any of the upper level sciences, this class combined with Physical Science and Biology will meet the minimum science recommendations for high school. Math requirement: Algebra 1 (concurrent or previously completed).

Biology (Apologia) is a college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. It is appropriate for 9th- 12th  grade and has no specific math or science prerequisites.   Biology has a strong emphasis on vocabulary and experiments, and provides the student with a solid background in biology.  You will want to ensure that if you are moving on after Biology in the Apologia series, that you are mathematically preparing for the next course.

Note: Biology and Intro to Chemistry & Physics will be offered in alternating years. They do not depend on each other and may be taken in any order. Both are foundational  to the upper level high school sciences.


Chemistry (Apologia) provides a rigorous foundation in chemistry in order to prepare your student for college-level studies.The math requirement is Algebra 2 (concurrent or previously completed). Introdcution to Chemistry & Physics or similar course is highly recommended, but not required.


Physics (Apologia) is a college-prep physics course which provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general physics, heavily emphasizing vector analysis.The Math requirement is completion of Algebra 2 and concurrent enrollment in Pre-Calc or Trigonometry. Introdcution to Chemistry & Physics or similar course is highly recommended, but not required.


Anatomy & Physiology (Apologia) is for 10th - 12th grade students. This advanced biology course covers both the anatomy and physiology of each of the human body’s organ systems for those students who have completed biology.  Completion of chemistry is recommended, but not required.  There are no math requirements for this course, but you will want to ensure you are mathmatically preparing, if you are moving on in the Apologia series.    


Note: Chemistry will be offered as the upper level science in a given year and the alternating year students will have the option of either Physics or Anatomy & Physiology for their upper level science.


Where there is science, there is math!

When deciding on your student’s next homeschool science course, the student’s current knowledge of math should always be a primary consideration. Many students have jumped into a science course only to be confounded and frustrated because they simply are not ready for the math involved. So much of a student’s dislike for science can be alleviated by planning their science courses according to the following schedule:

•    General Science. No math, but student should begin Pre-Algebra to prepare for

       Physical Science.


•    Physical Science. Students must have a working knowledge of Pre-Algebra to be

      successful in this course.


•    Biology. There’s no math required for this course.


•    Chemistry. Students must have a working knowledge of Algebra 1 for this course. 

      It is recommended that Chemistry students have completed Algebra 1 and are

      concurrently enrolled in Algebra 2 for success in this course.


•    Physics. Student must have a working knowledge of Algebra 1, Geometry, and

      basic Trigonometry functions to be successful in this course.  Completion of Algebra

      1, Algebra 2, and concurrent enrollment in Pre-Calc or Trigonometry is suggested. 


•    Advanced Science Courses

Advanced Biology: (Anatomy & Physiology) No math required.

Advanced Chemistry: Algebra II required.

Advanced Physics: Pre-Calculus required.

Marine Biology: No math required.

Of course, if a student is not science-minded and does not plan to pursue a career in a scientific field, then it’s no problem to wait until the eighth grade to begin General Science. You might even choose to spread General Science across seventh and eighth grades until the student is comfortable with the math skills required for Physical Science.