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  • All members will choose and be placed on at least one ministry team in addition to service week responsibilities.
  • The ministry teams provide for other aspects of the CHFM ministry such as yearbook, end of semester program, registration, etc.  
  • The time needed to fulfill the ministry team commitment will be at a time other than your service weeks when classes are in session.  
  • A complete list of ministry teams is shown below, and a member may choose one that best fits his/her needs and schedule.  
  • Each ministry team will have a coordinator (who volunteered or was asked by the directors) to lead the team. Other ministry team members will be contacted by the team’s coordinator when their services are needed.  It is essential that you faithfully fulfill your commitment to your ministry team.  
  • Ministry team members serve on the same team for one full year (fall and spring semester).




Benevolence Team (6-8 people)

For those gifted in compassion, hospitality and mercy.

  • Work with CHFM administration to coordinate assistance for member families (new baby, surgery or illness, death in the family)
  • Team coordinator is responsible for contacting the family in need to determine specifics)
  • Team members are responsible to help meet these needs or recruit other CHFM members to assist.


Box Tops for Education (1 person per semester)

For those with administrative and organizational gifts

  • Collect Box Top points from membership
  • Prepare and submit points for reimbursement


Bulletin Board Upkeep (3-4 people)

For those gifted in creativity

  • Creatively change bulletin board for fall, winter, and spring to promote CHFM.
  • Update Chapel Hall bulletin board with upcoming CHFM events


Communications  (2 people)

  • For those who are gifted in writing and publishing
  • Write and publish a weekly newsletter for the membership
  • Administrator for CHFM Facebook page


Field Trip Coordinators (4 people)

For those with administrative & organizational skills. Creative and like to have fun!

  • Collect ideas for field trips for the school year
  • Plan field trips, contact each site to obtain details of visiting
  • Write description for each field trip including details of attending
  • Keep members posted on each field trip or changes through the newsletter
  • Designate one member to be in charge during each field trip
  • Write thank you notes to each site
  • Make sure payments for field trip are accurate and paid on time


Mailing (2 - 3 people)

This is for those gifted in helps. This event occurs 2-3 times a year. This is good job to involve your children.

  • Collate, stuff, stamp and mail letters & flyers to potential and current members throughout the year


Maintenance Appreciation (2-4 people)

For those gifted in creativity and hospitality.

  • Develop a plan to regularly show appreciation to the maintenance staff
  • Involve membership in showing appreciation
  • Distribute gifts to maintenance staff


Name Tag (2 people)

This is for those who enjoy detail and are gifted in administration. Nametags are very helpful and a requirement for CHFM members. Most of the work will be done at the beginning and end of each semester.

  • Produce new and replacement name tags
  • Collect name tags at the end of each semester


New Member Welcome (4-6 people)

This is for those gifted in hospitality. It is an opportunity to make our new members feel comfortable and welcome when they join CHFM. Remember when you first joined CHFM and think about what would have been helpful to you as a new member.

  • Give tours of the facility during new member orientation
  • Be available to new members the first couple weeks of classes to get them acquainted with the ministry.
  • Adopt new members for the semester


Photography Team (3 - 4 people)

This is for those who enjoy photography and will seek to capture the photos that are requested by the yearbook editor.

  • Take group pictures and action shots for assigned classes
  • Take pictures at CHFM field trips
  • Take pictures at CHFM Drama & Program Nights and parties


Program & Drama Nights / Fall & Spring (8 - 10 people)

This is for those gifted in service and hospitality. This event is a great opportunity to let those creative juices flow.

This is event occurs at the end of each semester.

  • Check on set up for the program nights
  • Be responsible for coordinating classroom displays for the programs
  • Coordinate refreshments for the program nights
  • Decorate tables and room for the programs
  • Create a program to hand out of the events of the programs
  • Clean up after the program


Registration Team (4 - 6 people)

This is for those gifted in administration, helps and service. This event occurs twice a year The work is done the week following the close of registration each semester.

  • Update Family Files
  • Record payments
  • Prepare transfer lists
  • File registration forms, permission slips, and student contracts


Resource Cabinets (1 person)

  • Oversee the storage and use of CHFM supplies
  • Note items which need to be purchased or restocked


Science Cabinet (8-10 people)

For those with organizational gifts

  • Clean and organize science cabinets in the Prayer Room
  • Keep supplies replenished in cabinets


Semester Preparation (3 - 4 people)

For those who are detail oriented and like to serve behind the scenes

  • Laminate, trim and post signs
  • Prepare Greeter Table for first day of class each semester
  • Prepare Nursery & COL notebooks for first day of class each semester
  • Clean and organize ministry cabinets


Service Project (2 people)

For those with administrative, organizational and service gifts. Occurs once or twice a year.

  • Research and select a service project suitable for CHFM participation
  • Promote and publicize the service project
  • Oversee CHFM participation in the service project


Service Week Coordinators (2 people)

  • Assist in making service week assignments each semester
  • Check for service needs each hour
  • Oversee sub pool


Teacher Appreciation (5-6 people)

For those gifted in creativity and hospitality.

  • Select token of appreciation for instructors each semester
  • Purchase and prepare gifts
  • Distribute gifts to instructors


Used Book Sale (4-5 people)

For those with gifts in administration, hospitality and service. Enjoys working with people.

  • Publicize Used Book Sale with TPA and our membership.
  • Collect fees for table space and assign table space to sellers
  • Communicate with membership overview of items for sale
  • Communicate with sellers expectations on sale day
  • Oversee set up of book sale
  • Oversee book sale
  • Tear down and clean up


Year Book (1-2 people)

This is for those with organizational and creative gifts. These people would need to be very comfortable with the computer. This commitment would continue throughout the year. The sky is the limit for your fun ideas!!

  • Create a yearbook that the membership would be able to purchase in the spring semester
  • Work with the photographer and oversee Picture Day
  • Communicate with Photography team



End of Year Party (5-6 people)

  • For those with administrative, organizational, and hospitality gifts.
  • Plan decorations, food, and activities for the party
  • Oversee set up and clean up of the party if needed