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Online class registration for our FALL 2018 semester will be in July 2018 . New member interviews for FALL 2018 membership will begin in March and conclude on July 16. Please contact us at chfm@ccc.org or call 688-4400, ext. 1415 to leave a voicemail message.


FALL 2018


For Instructors and Directors
July 23

For Current Members
July 25

For New and Returning Members

July 26
**Registration closes on: July 27
The participating member fee for involvement in CHFM is $80 per semester (we have a fall and spring semester) per family. This is used to cover building use fees, postage for mailings, cost of copying, and miscellaneous administrative fees. It allows you to register for classes at the facility, receive weekly newsletters, and be involved with field trips and social activities organized by CHFM. If you desire to remain a member only (inactive member) and not enroll in classes, the membership fee is $30 per semester. 


Each member must complete the registration form and sign the CHFM contract when signing up for classes. Class availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. All class fees are due by the last day of registration. Make checks payable to CHFM. You are responsible for the entire semester's tuition. Exception: For your convenience, any class tuition of $100 or more may be paid in two installments -- one half due in July 2018 and the second half due in October 2018. Please note that all monies given to CHFM for this purpose are not tax deductible. All fees paid at registration ​OR MAY BE DUE OTHERWISE are non-refundable.  ​For instance - if you enroll in a class that is over $100 and defer part of the payment, you are responsible for the full amount even if you drop the class before paying the 2nd payment. Likewise, if you defer payment of any kind during registration, you are still required to pay your entire bill in order to keep your account in good standing. The only time a refund is given is if CHFM cancels a class.