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 CHFM Copier Use Guidelines
A CHFM Resource Coordinator will do your copying for you. Please copy only what you need for one to two weeks at a time. You may use only white copy paper. All others (colored paper) will need to be provided by the user. You may make no more than 10 copies of one original. For exceptions please see the Resource Coordinator. We will not copy a publication that has a copyright. Copies are limited to your personal/school use.
Please drop off your laminating project at the Greeter Desk on Wednesdays prior to 1:00 p.m. Laminating will be done by a designated trained operator. Other available equipment includes a book binder, oversized paper cutter, and letter punch which can be operated by individuals after instruction. Lamination costs 35 cents per foot and must be paid to the operator before you can receive your laminated project.
If you need a comb binder, these are available from CHFM for a minimal cost of 10 to 20 cents each. 
CHFM members may use the church Nursery for children (ages birth to three years) on Mondays during class times. All Nursery rules set up by church staff must be followed. Each family who utilizes the Nursery will need to pay $25 per child, per semester. All Nursery fees will be collected at registration.
Please follow these guidelines for using the nursery:
You must remain in the building if you have children in the Nursery.
You may not check other CHFM member’s children into the Nursery.
You may not bring children to the Nursery that you are baby-sitting.
Children must be checked in and picked up by a parent, not siblings.
Each week we publish a newsletter to keep you informed of class changes, schedules, upcoming field trips and other pertinent information. This is emailed to you weekly during the 12-week session. All other pertinent correspondence or papers from instructors will be placed in each family’s personal file folder for pick up. Information that needs to be in the newsletter should be emailed  by Wednesday evening to chfm@ccc.org. Please have your highschooler read these newsletters as they will be held responsible for the information.