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How Service Weeks are Assigned
Each member will be given an assignment for each hour he/she has a child(ren) in class. During registration each semester, members will indicate their preferences for which weeks they wish to serve and the areas in which they wish to serve. After registration is over, the registration team will make the area assignments based on the needs of the organization and try to honor each member’s preferences as much as possible. The registration team will strive to give each member a balance between classroom, sub pool, and other service areas as they make the service week assignments. Once this is done, each member will be mailed a copy of their assignments.
Service Weeks
All members must be available for service every other week that classes are in session. On service weeks, members will be assigned to specific duties and/or placed in the sub pool during each hour that they have any children enrolled in CHFM classes. On non-service weeks, members will not be given any assignments.
  • Members need to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of each assignment on service weeks.
  • Members who are unable to fulfill service week duties due to an illness, emergency, or occasional planned absence on any given service week must notify the Service Weeks Coordinator for either blue or yellow week. The preferable option is to trade with another person for any pre-planned days you need off. However, excessive absences will be evaluated and may affect your enrollment the following semester.
  • Members may serve in Central Court if they have a child who has a free hour.  Members may not have any children with them while serving in the following service areas: Greeter, Classroom, Nursery or Center on Learning (COL) -unless the child is an official student in one of these areas.
  • Service times can be fulfilled by either parent (**with the exception noted below). In an emergency, unforeseen circumstance, or for an occasional planned absence, grandparents can fulfill service week duties and oversee grandchildren during class times. Grandparents would need to indicate on the check-in sheet that they are supervising grandchildren for the day and adhere to the same guidelines as the parent. **CHFM policy DOES NOT ALLOW men to serve in the nursery or COL area.
  • Students who are 14 or older can be assigned in service areas to help meet a portion of the family service requirements. Members who have only high school students enrolled are still needed to fulfill at least half of the service times even if their high school age students are assigned to a service area. Members who have students in 1st-8th grade must serve on service weeks even if their students age 14 and up are serving.
Sub Pools
The purpose of the sub pool is to provide a group of members who will be available to substitute when needed in any service area. If a member is placed in a sub pool as part of her service week responsibilities, it will be for a particular hour on her service weeks only. The sub pool member may be contacted in advance by the Service Week Coordinator to fulfill a scheduled service time. All sub pool members are required to check in at the Greeter desk during their assigned hour.
Members of a sub pool (unless a sub herself has an illness, emergency or planned absence) are required to accept a request from another member, service week coordinator or director to fill a substitute position. Members of a sub pool who have not already been asked to sub (prior to their arrival on their service week sub pool hours), will need to check in at the Greeter desk and wait to be dismissed by the service week coordinator once she has checked on all the classrooms.

Check-in and Check-out Process (for parents of 1st-5th grade students only)
So that members can be given as much freedom and flexibility as possible, members with students in 1st–5th grades will need to sign out at the greeter desk when they leave the building if they have any 1st–5th grade children in class. This is so a member may be contacted if an emergency or concern regarding her child arises at CHFM during her absence.
Room Transfers
Classroom helpers will transfer 1st-3rd grade children to their next class each week.  Children 4th grade and up will be allowed to transfer themselves.  On service weeks, this will alleviate the need for a member to leave a service week duty early or arrive late because of a need to transfer her own children.  On non-service weeks ("off weeks"), this means it will not be necessary to return every hour to transfer 1st-3rd grade students to their next class if a member chooses to leave campus.  However, if 1st-5th children do not have back-to-back classes, the 1st-3rd grade students must be picked up at their classroom door and then supervised by a parent during their free hour.  4th-5th grade students may meet parents at a designated location, but also must be supervised by a parent during their free hour(s). 

Leaving the CHFM Campus
On non-service weeks (or “off weeks”), members will be able to leave the CHFM campus once their 1st-5th grade children are settled in their classes if:
  1. They do not have any children in the nursery or COL.
  2. All of their 1st-5th grade children are in a scheduled class  during every hour that they will be off campus.
  3. They sign out at the Greeter’s Table, leaving a cell phone number where they can be reached and their expected time of return. (If you do not have a cell phone, you may leave the campus if you designate an adult CHFM member to supervise your children in your absence.)
A member’s privilege may be revoked if:
  1. She fails to sign out before leaving the campus or cannot be reached when needed by her child,
  2. She leaves her 1st-5th grade child(ren) unsupervised when the child is not in class and she is off-campus,
  3. She fails to return 5 minutes before her child(ren)’s last class of the day to pick up her child(ren) from the classroom, or,
  4. Her child causes problems in the classroom/study hall or on campus after repeated correction and is in need of disciplinary action.
Special Circumstances
If a member has a planned absence or has a family emergency/illness that prevents her from attending to her children on class days, she may request another member to supervise her 1st-5th grade child(ren). However, the supervising member cannot be fulfilling her own service time duties during that time if the absent member’s children have free hours where they would need to be supervised. (If the children of the absent member are in back-to-back classes, a member who is serving her own service weeks duties may supervise them.)
All children 1st-5th grade must be assigned a “supervising mom” anytime the parent is unavailable and not able to bring them or pick them up from classes even if they are in back-to-back classes. (This is simply so we know who to contact should a child need assistance.)
The supervising mom must indicate on the sign-out sheet that she is supervising the absent parent’s child(ren).
Members may not send their nursery or COL age child(ren) to CHFM under any circumstance if they (or a grandparent) are not in attendance.
Members should limit requesting another member (or grandparent) to supervise their child(ren) while they are not at CHFM to emergencies or during an occasional planned absence.
Members may not ask a CHFM teacher to supervise their child(ren) while the teacher is conducting or preparing for classes.